The 5 Frames of NLP

October 12, 2012 at 7:19 AM

Hello, I’m Lisa (thanks for the intro Joseph) and over the next number of weeks I’ll be sharing practical insights into how we can become even more resourceful at the personal and professional level, with what we already have!

In today's busy world in working smarter, it’s important to know/remind ourselves what really matters…to us AND how we can go about achieving more of that in our daily lives. 

NLP offers us different ways to perceive the world; it involves learning to use the mind's own language to in being more consistent in achieving our outcomes.

NLP is also often described as the Art and Science of Influence. The Science is in the understanding of our neurology, and in each of the tools that can be applied to influence positive results. The Art is in how the Practitioner chooses to use, combine and evolve these tools to get the most resourceful outcome for their client.

Just as communication is at the core of everything that we do, NLP is at the core of ‘effective’ communication. It enables us to gain greater flexibility in how we communicate, and therefore even greater flexibility in establishing and maintaining rapport.

In the world of business NLP is useful for effective marketing, sales, presentations, management, and building resilience, teams and leadership capabilities. It is also an invaluable tool in Human Resources and Organisational Development, where it can be applied in strengthening relationships, culture and values, and learning and development practices.

The practice of NLP is undeniably effective in Coaching. Built on the establishment of rapport with the client's whole self, their conscious and unconscious minds, NLP tools enable us to identify and neutralize unresourceful beliefs and barriers.

Practitioners can then help clients to reach, and act from, even more resourceful states and to define their goals in a way that practically guarantees a successful outcome.

To begin to understand NLP, we must first understand five simple frames that underpin the philosophy:

1.  Cause & Effect

2.  Results V’s Excuses

3.  Perception is Projection

4.  Mind & Body Connection

5.  You have 100% Responsibility

These are the values residing at the core of the NLP framework and therefore, the obvious starting point for my following blogs.  Enjoy reading them and post any comments or questions as you go along.


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